Gender inequality in various sectors is still a pressing issue for countries like Croatia, Spain and Turkey. 

Since there are ongoing actions for professional adults, we decided to focus on sports where it affects the perceptions of success and future of both genders from a young age, usually starting from school years. 

Therefore we aim raising awareness and critical thinking for young people to offer them the tools to come up with proactive solutions to prevent such discrimination in their fields of interest. 

Through our experience in Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, we believe that discussing such crucial issues and seeking solutions with peers from different countries enables youngsters to become more confident and active members of society.

This Transnational Exchange Project, on the the topic of preparing to live abroad when on an Erasmus+ opportunity and is designed to give you the tools and information to make your experience go more smoothly, help you to reflect on what you want to get out of the experience, and how you think that the opportunity to study or intern abroad will support your future life goals. 



This course is a combination of language learning, cross-cultural knowledge, and social awareness in the global business context. It is essentially built on virtual partnerships between business students of The Catholic University of Valencia and of The Virtual University of Tunis to cooperatively simulate an international marketing campaign project.

A TEP which prepares students from partnering universities to give online peer feedback on collaborative writing and speaking tasks.